Dashing through the snow…

Hi Freddie – What’s this year’s look for stylish dogs like us this Christmas??

I’m thinking something seasonal but not too Christmassy if you get my drift?


Hi Archie

Angus is our fabulous new winter addition to the BlossomCo family and will certainly make any dog feel extra special this winter as they set of for a walk wearing our stunning new dog collar and lead.

The stylish red linen and the dashing Highland Stag design set the scene of a beautiful winter wonderland.

Just like you want Archie – it beautifully reflects the winter season in a stylish and subtle way without overdoing the Christmas theme itself!

Let’s hope you get a collar and lead set shortly!

Angus Christmas Dog Collar

Give Angus as a gift to a dog owning friend this Christmas and you will be sure to put a smile on their face and an extra wag in their dog’s tail this winter.

If you would like to stock any of our Angus dog accessories then please email us or if you would like to purchase any of our Angus dog accessories then please search for a BlossomCo stockist near you.

Angus will give dogs and their owners a festive cheer this Christmas.

Angus Christmas Dog Lead

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