Dog in the Blog

The BlossomCo Dog in the Blog series shows our fabulous range of designer dog accessories in action!

Flo Wears Harris Tweed to visit the Hairdresser

Is Flo heading to Hollywood??

This is Flo, a lovely Poodle from Belgium.

Although her owner says Flo is now a very ‘Old Lady’ at over 17 (that’s about 120 in dog years) she is still fit, well and very active!

Flo often makes taking a photograph a little difficult though and it can be hard to both see her gorgeous little face and collar at the same time.

However, in this photo she has just returned from a trip to her hairdresser so she is looking good and happy to sit the right way long enough to model our Eriskay dog collar in Harris Tweed.

Harris Tweed Dog Collar

Maybe this could be her jump to stardom and follow in the footsteps of another famous Belgian lady, Audrey Hepburn, towards fame in Tinseltown.

If she keeps practising the modelling pose, maybe she’ll get there! Still glamorous at 120!

Fizz has serious attitude and beautiful dog accessories

First here’s an old joke about a dog who grabs the postman’s hat and takes a bite out of it.
The postman shouts to the dog’s owner “Your dog’s eating my hat!”
The owner says “That’s just what dogs do.”
“I don’t like your attitude!” responds the postman.
The dog owner replies “It wasn’t my attitude, it was your hat-he-chewed.”

After that bad joke, meet Fizz! The dog with attitude (and nothing to do with hats!)

Fizz wearing blossomco handmade uk dog collar lead bandana


Who: Fizz

Wears: Kitty – the full complement of matching collar, lead and bandana (Way to go Fizz!). Kitty’s owner is also helping her extend her BlossomCo wardrobe with some additional new designs.

Life with Fizz: This is a dog with serious attitude… She huffs and puffs and moans if she doesn’t get her own way! If you tell her no… Miss attitude comes out.

Habits: Apart from some gentle(?) snoring from time to time, Fizz also loves her collection of teddies (… a future story maybe?) and greets her owners on their return with a teddy in her mouth and snorting everywhere as she does…

Fizz likes: Fizz loves licking – and no one can get her to stop, so watch out if you get too close!! She also loves to have her tummy tickled and will roll on her back to get a tickle from anyone!!

She never tires of playing fetch, and also likes to burrow under anything to get all nice and snuggled up…  Her favourite thing of all though, is sitting on the sofa and looking out at all the birds and squirrels in the garden – maybe she thinks she’s on the Night’s Watch from Game of Thrones!

And most of all of course, Fizz loves wearing her BlossomCo attire and all the attention it brings!


Mabel Sweeps Up All the Prizes

Here’s Mabel, the 12 week Beagle puppy. With looks like this (and her BlossomCo accessories to assist of course) is it any wonder she’s a prizewinner!

Mabel the prizewinning Beagle Puppy
Who: Mabel

Wears: Arthur – matching collar and lead

Mabel the prizewinnerProudest Moment: Winning First Prize in the puppy show as well as Best in Show at her local village gala

Good Likes: Looking stylish around the village by wearing her best BlossomCo

Not So Good Likes: Stealing and burying anything that’s not tied down! Socks, toys, you name it, she hides it!

And Dislikes: Along with postmen (for who she’ll lie in wait for ages on the windowsill), Mabel also has an aversion to shopping trollies, much to the surprise of any elderly person who happens to be pushing one along!!

Mabel Loves: Sweeping brushes! She loves chewing them (another not so good like of hers!) and the sound of them in action on the kitchen floor… which actually makes it rather easy to attract her back into the house. If only she’d learn to use it instead of eating it though!


Pretty in Pink

Keeping on trend this Spring, Pudding dresses to impress in new BlossomCo Spring Floral.

French Bulldog Wearing BlossomCo Dog Collar for Spring

Presenting Pudding, the five month French Bulldog.


Who: Pudding

Wears: Rosey Medium

Roleplay: Pudding likes to think she’s a Great Dane and loves to go around chasing and barking at other dogs much bigger than herself – grrrr…

Best Tricks: True to her name, Pudding is a greedy girl and will do anything for a piece of chicken – she has recently learnt to ‘paw’ and now walks around with her paw out to catch any crumbs going.

Worst Habit: Dreadful snoring, loud enough to keep awake the neighbours.

Pudding likes: Walks – but avoiding those pesky puddles that make her paws dirty (Quite right too!).


Skipper’s not ‘Bord-er’ his new collar!

After purchasing his new collar from the Country Living Kitchen Table Talent market, Skipper has been ‘star’ of the show in the Lauchlan household.

Skipper the Border Terrier wearing the BlossomCo Stanley dog collarSkipper Wearing His “Stanley” Dog Collar


Say hello to Skipper the naughty nine month old Border Terrier.

Who: Skipper

Wears: Small Stanley

Worst naughty habit: Chewing his siblings’ school shoes

Guilty Pleasure: Licking and trying to eat the tasty, dirty socks stolen from the laundry basket

Hobbies: Skipper loves walking – especially when there are lots of other dogs to play with and annoy

Favourite Treat: As a growing chap, Skipper likes to supplement his own food by regularly helping himself to the cat’s dinner, as well as any cheese he can get his paws on.

Best holiday destination: Being a Border Terrier, Skipper is drawn to anywhere north of the border. He particularly likes to visit his Grandpa Lauchlan, a butcher, whose house always has some tasty meaty treats to be sampled. 


Heavenly Henley

“Ruby, Ruby, Ruby” as the song goes… or as we have here, 3 poses by Ruby the gorgeous Cocker Spaniel wearing “Henley” by BlossomCo. 

Ruby and her Henley BlossomCo Dog CollarRuby Wearing her “Henley” Style Collar


Ruby wearing the Henley Bandana by BlossomCoRuby Modelling Her Matching Henley Bandana


Ruby the Cocker Spaniel has been turning heads with her new bright floral collar and bandana. Here’s the lo-down on Ruby….

RubyThe Henley bandana for dogs by BlossomCo

Wears: Henley Collar and matching Henley Bandana

Ambition: To become a full time BlossomCo model

Lady of Leisure: Ruby likes nothing better than sunning herself in a sunny spot and enjoys the finer things in life – great food and fabulous holidays

Social butterfly: Ruby loves playing with her friends; Freddie, Angelcake and Lollypop.

Ruby loves: Obviously BlossomCo is one of Ruby’s favourite things, but she also enjoys walks in the countryside – nothing beats a good sniff at all of those delicious smells!


Lily and the Dachsie-Dash

As you can see, we had to go to some effort to get the low-down on Lily after she took delivery of her new BlossomCo dog collar.

Dachshund wearing a BlossomCo dog collar

Introducing Lily the Dachshund!

Who: Lily 

Favourite Game: Being a bright and lively young Dachshund, Lily loves nothing more than to spend a few minutes doing the Dachsie Dash every now and again – chasing from room to room at lightening speed. 

Lily wearing BossomCo collarDachshund Safety Tip: With her shiny golden coat that almost exactly matches the carpets and wooden floor, it’s a good job her gorgeous and very colourful collar provides a splash of colour to help her stand out.

Lily Likes: Being tickled on her tummy… in fact it’s almost the only way to get her to stay still for long enough to take her photo! It also makes her smile!

Favourite Job: Lily keeps an eye on the street scene from her vantage point in the middle of the bay window, and ensures the door bell is never required when someone approaches!


Lola Wears Dark Floral

Just for a moment, eagle eyed Lola is concerned as she spies another dog walking along the shoreline…

..but she soon relaxes, confident that with her gorgeous dark floral BlossomCo dog collar she remains the best dressed dog on the beach!


Lola Wears Dark Floral BlossomCo Collar

Meet gorgeous Labrador, Lola. Lola has some head turning tactics when it comes to getting herself noticed.

Who: Lola

Status: Adored family member

Favourite holiday destination: Devon, particularly the beach and Goodrington Sands, great for a run around.

Sneaky Habit: Falling asleep on the bed upstairs in a sunny spot.

Finest moment: Standing behind the muck spreader and getting covered in warm, smelly slurry from head to paws! (thank goodness our designer dog accessories are washable!)