Is everyone in your family ready for their Summer Holidays?

You may be all packed up – but have you packed for the four legged member of the family yet? 


Some of us dream about lying by the pool with a cocktail close to hand. Others of having time to read a book.

Freddie’s holiday fantasy?

To be included in the family holiday, wherever it may be. This year Freddie is coming to Devon with us.

Freddie longs to have her own little suitcase and pack like a pro.

As a treat, we arranged for her to spend a morning with a packing guru. Following her masterclass we think she has pulled it off.


Freddie has the best doggy holiday suitcase this summer!


Packing for the Dogs Holiday 


1 Favourite blanket (Helping her to feel cosy anywhere and at home)

2 Water bowl and bottle of water for the journey

3 Bandana to keep cool on the beach – Freddie chose the BlossomCo Brighton bandana, perfect for its seaside charm

4 Tweed CollarA must for Sunday morning brunch by the harbour in Dartmouth.

5 Collar and lead set – This was a tricky one for Freddie…. the BlossomCo Indie, just right for sunny strolls around the town, or the BlossomCo Polly, understated elegance for balmy evenings in delightful dog friendly pubs…

Freddie decided to keep her options open and packed both.

6 Favourite toy – What’s a dog supposed to do while her owner’s washing her hair?

7 Well, everyone needs treats don’t they?


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