Mabel Sweeps Up All the Prizes

Here’s Mabel, the 12 week Beagle puppy. With looks like this (and her BlossomCo accessories to assist of course) is it any wonder she’s a prizewinner!

Mabel the prizewinning Beagle Puppy
Who: Mabel

Wears: Arthur – matching collar and lead

Mabel the prizewinnerProudest Moment: Winning First Prize in the puppy show as well as Best in Show at her local village gala

Good Likes: Looking stylish around the village by wearing her best BlossomCo

Not So Good Likes: Stealing and burying anything that’s not tied down! Socks, toys, you name it, she hides it!

And Dislikes: Along with postmen (for who she’ll lie in wait for ages on the windowsill), Mabel also has an aversion to shopping trollies, much to the surprise of any elderly person who happens to be pushing one along!!

Mabel Loves: Sweeping brushes! She loves chewing them (another not so good like of hers!) and the sound of them in action on the kitchen floor… which actually makes it rather easy to attract her back into the house. If only she’d learn to use it instead of eating it though!


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