Pretty in Pink

Keeping on trend this Spring, Pudding dresses to impress in new BlossomCo Spring Floral.

French Bulldog Wearing BlossomCo Dog Collar for Spring

Presenting Pudding, the five month French Bulldog.


Who: Pudding

Wears: Rosey Medium

Roleplay: Pudding likes to think she’s a Great Dane and loves to go around chasing and barking at other dogs much bigger than herself – grrrr…

Best Tricks: True to her name, Pudding is a greedy girl and will do anything for a piece of chicken – she has recently learnt to ‘paw’ and now walks around with her paw out to catch any crumbs going.

Worst Habit: Dreadful snoring, loud enough to keep awake the neighbours.

Pudding likes: Walks – but avoiding those pesky puddles that make her paws dirty (Quite right too!).


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