Skipper’s not ‘Bord-er’ his new collar!

After purchasing his new collar from the Country Living Kitchen Table Talent market, Skipper has been ‘star’ of the show in the Lauchlan household.

Skipper the Border Terrier wearing the BlossomCo Stanley dog collarSkipper Wearing His “Stanley” Dog Collar


Say hello to Skipper the naughty nine month old Border Terrier.

Who: Skipper

Wears: Small Stanley

Worst naughty habit: Chewing his siblings’ school shoes

Guilty Pleasure: Licking and trying to eat the tasty, dirty socks stolen from the laundry basket

Hobbies: Skipper loves walking – especially when there are lots of other dogs to play with and annoy

Favourite Treat: As a growing chap, Skipper likes to supplement his own food by regularly helping himself to the cat’s dinner, as well as any cheese he can get his paws on.

Best holiday destination: Being a Border Terrier, Skipper is drawn to anywhere north of the border. He particularly likes to visit his Grandpa Lauchlan, a butcher, whose house always has some tasty meaty treats to be sampled. 


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