Reusable Fabric Face Coverings

Although we’re best known for making beautiful dog collars etc, we had so many requests forĀ  facemasks (reusable face coverings) made in similar fabrics, that we set our sewing team loose on them!

The result we think, is fabulous!

union jack face covering
reusable face covering in pretty floral fabric


Four designs are available from stock now – other designs on request.

Reusable Fabric Face Coverings

floral fabric face covering


Reusable Face Covering in Leopardskin Print


3 Layer Face Covering in Blue Fabric


Union Jack Design Reusable Face Covering



These face coverings are made using two layers of 100% cotton fabric.
A side opening between the 2 layers allows you to insert your own filter material if you wish, and so turn it into a 3 layer mask.

The covering is fitted using an elastic loop that slides over the wearer’s head – rather than their ears.

This provides for greater comfort, avoids rubbing the skin behind the wearer’s ears and also prevents the appearance of pulling the ears wider.

Government advice in many countries now recommends the use of a face covering in public places where social distancing is not always possible, in order to help minimise the spread of the Covid-19 virus*.

So whether using public transport, visiting shops or walking the dog through a public park, you may wish, or be required, to wear a face covering.

BlossomCo’s washable and reusable fabric face coverings let you do it in style!!

  • Two layers of soft 100% cotton fabric
  • Side opening to insert your choice of filter (not supplied)
  • Fitted using adjustable elastic loop over the head for greater comfort
  • Reusable
  • Machine washable
  • Handmade
  • Made in Great Britain


Available in other fabric designs from our Originals Collection of collars
please just ask

…for those who want to co-ordinate with their dogs… why not!

fabric face coverings


See the collection of face coverings here on our main product page.

Or contact us here to enquire further.


*Please note that these face coverings are not medical grade facemasks and no claims are made regarding protection against virus infection, transmission or spread etc.

Due to the nature of the product, no returns or exchanges are permitted.