How to Take a Good Selfie

Selfies aren’t an indulgence to be enjoyed exclusively by 2 legged beings. There’s no reason why your four legged friends can’t join in the fun too.

It’s a girl’s responsibility to master the art of the Selfie, so read on and benefit from Freddie’s experience.

Freddie knows that a more distant, distracted look is far more alluring than the popular (but often ugly) girl pout.

Lighting is everything. Early morning or evening sunshine is your best friend, not so harsh as full sunshine, a bit more forgiving you could say.

With the right lighting your eyes will glisten and your nose shine, no one will notice the slightly wobbly fur-trim your well meaning human friend gave you earlier.

The accessories you wear are just as important too. A bit of classic dressing (try the BlossomCo Arthur range) never did anyone any harm.

Think through what you choose to wear. If it’s a ‘look at my individuality’ statement that you’re making, then don’t stop at your own accessories, borrow a piece of jewellery from the humans in your life to compliment your own.

Freddie doing a Selfie wearing BlossomCo 

Finally, and by no means least, how to look at the camera. If you want to retain some self respect then please don’t look straight into the camera.

Keep your pictures looking free and easy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of practicing in front of the mirror because there’s no such thing as too vain where the Selfie is concerned.

Prop the camera up against just about anything (although your favourite ball won’t work, believe me). Dab the camera with your nose, strike your pose and shazam, the perfect Selfie!


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