Top Five Things to do with Your Dog This Summer

Summer’s looking good at the moment, providing plenty of opportunity for getting out and about with your dog to enjoy it in one way or another.

For any dog on the go, like Freddie here, that means looking stylish at all times for whatever adventure and fun might come their way. Who knows just who you might bump into along the way!!


Top Five Things to do with your Dog


Here’s our top five list of things to enjoy doing with your dog this summer….

1)  Enter a local dog show  (dress in a BlossomCo bandana to increase the chances of winning!).

2)  Build a doggie agility course in your garden and teach your dog some new tricks.

3)  Take your dog to the seaside to splash in the breakers and throw some balls on the beach.

4)  Make the most of the English countryside and go for a walk in the woods.

5)  Go to one of our lovely stockists and buy a super stylish matching BlossomCo dog collar and lead to make sure that whatever you do this summer, your pooch is looking their best!


(for a full list of our stockists – go to


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